issaFacilitation specializes in group engagement, training and consulting on participatory techniques that promote participation by all personality types.

issaFacilitation is trained and experienced in using professional visual facilitation techniques, which promote clear thinking, engage and validate participant input, and strengthen group memory. 


Process improvement

When you need to improve how you are working, to see more productivity or focus on what you are doing, the issas can guide your team as you identify the areas to improve and how best to engage the players in that process moving forward.


The issas create a comfortable, open space to elicit and discuss different and sometimes challenging perspectives on a specific topic. Participants will be in a safe, unbiased environment to share sensitive issues honestly. Examples include organizational listening sessions and product feedback sessions.


The issas want to be on teams that follow-through, hold each other accountable, and make visible progress. If you do too, then the issas can facilitate a session that documents commitments, plans for accountability and risk mitigation, and addresses sensitive issues.


The issas are not only facilitation experts, they’re certified Project Management Professionals as well.  The issas can set your project team up for success by facilitating key meetings throughout the project management framework, or simply helping a project manager hold meetings that result in faster decisions and accelerated progress.


The issas embrace and are excited by change – but that may not be true for all of your staff! Whether is succession planning or changes in management structure, issaFacilitation will bring the right people into a guided process to share their knowledge and contribute to solutions grounded in your organizational values. 


issaFacilitation can gather input from large groups using participatory techniques with clear ground rules that establish open communication and ensure all voices can be heard within established time limits.


Vision and mission. Strategic planning. Niche identification. The issas will get you out of the weeds and into your future – by eliciting your ideas, organizing your thoughts, and moving the process along efficiently while keeping everyone on the same page. 


What if what you really want is not what they want? The issas know how to design a fair and inclusive process to turn individual priorities into shared priorities and decisions. The issas facilitate these challenging discussions with energy, creativity, and organization. 


Whether it is integrating a new staff member or a team retreat, bringing your team together provides an opportunity to strengthen communication and working relationship. The issas customize all team building events to meet your needs, using anything from communication or group assessment tools, to energizing activities.