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design thoughtful visuals

inspire enthusiastic participation

shape engaging environments

deliver team-driven results


Our Approach

We carefully craft events to meet your needs. From graphic facilitation to team-building activities, we use collaborative techniques to facilitate thinking and yield participant-driven results. Learn more about how we can help your team. 

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Our Team

Meet "the issas" who created issaFacilitation. Both Chrissa and Melissa are IAF Certified Professional Facilitators and are passionate about helping your company facilitate constructive conversations to grow your business. Get to know us today! 

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Our Values

At issaFacilitation, we value your time and input. We believe in the power of diversity of thought, inclusiveness and creativity. And we believe in tackling new challenges head-on. Sound like your cup of tea?


"Thank you for the insight and teachings that you shared with us. The exit survey proved to be a valuable tool. I will certainly talk up your services at every opportunity."  

Barbara Franklin, Chair, SC Aging in Place Coalitio


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