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Contact us to set up training on-site that will save you money by improving your meetings, OR 

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  • Facilitation 101 for Project Managers, by PM One and issaFacilitation
  • Walk away with skills that will save you money wasted in frustrating meetings, whether or not you have an official "facilitator," and be the one in your office who holds meetings that people actually want to attend! 
We loved how informative and hands-on the workshop was! 
- Center for Women

Group Facilitation

BEFORE THE MEETING - Melissa and Chrissa will get to know you and develop a meeting agenda with tools and processes that will ensure your goals are met. ​

  • Graphic facilitation, to promote group creativity.
  • Use of music and images to engage different learning styles.
  • Scenario-based brainstorming to get the ideas flowing.
  • ​Techniques that promote participation by all personality types
  • Finalize goals and participant agendasteam2

AT THE MEETING - We'll be there to guide participants to meet the goals, keeping the meeting focused and timely. Participants walk out feeling accomplished and heard.​

  • regular client check-ins for satisfaction with progress

  • Focus on meeting goals, participation by personality types, moving through challenges

  • End-of-meeting surveys to assess participant satisfaction with the progress made and the facilitation services provided


  • Post-meeting images of all flip charted notes and graphic displays

  • Post-meeting conversation with each client to evaluate our services, via phone and in-person if possible

You got up to speed very quickly and kept me moving forward when I had a million other things on my plate.
- Rachel Pratt, Chief Executive Officer, Adoption Exchange Association​