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​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Meeting Facilitation in Charleston SC       ​

You have goals, we'll help you reach them.  We are experienced meeting facilitators for in-person and virtual groups.  

Why Do You Need Meeting or Workshop Facilitation?

Time is money, especially wasted time in meetings. Investing in facilitation will save you both time and moneyresulting in better decisions AND a more profitable organization.

​We Can Help You​

  • set a vision and goals through strategic planningteam1

  • brainstorm new product ideas

  • prioritize actions for a targeted work plan

  • improve interaction within your group

We will bring energy, creativity, and organization to these meetings, to make challenging discussions meaningful and meet your desired outcomes. ​​

If you are involved with a team, committee, or leadership group and are ready to feel more productive and satisfied in your group discussions, ​contact us. We can design a fair and inclusive process to set you in the right direction to reach your goals.



Walk away from our trainings with skills that will save you money wasted in frustrating meetings, whether or not you have an official "facilitator," and be the one in your office who holds meetings that people actually want to attend!

  • Leading Others through Effective Facilitation​, a public class​ offered in partnership with PM One, the leading provider of Project Management training services in South Carolina. Dates and Registration​.

  • Private classes for your company or non-profit


Thank you for the insight and teachings that you shared with us. The exit survey proved to be a valuable tool. I will certainly talk up your services at every opportunity.  
- Barbara Franklin, Chair, SC Aging in Place Coalition